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Walkthroughs/Trivia Answer Keys

Posted by OneThousandMeeps - March 25th, 2020


Over the two-or-so years over which I have gathered medals, I've completed dozens of trivia games, and thousands of other games. For some, the author has already mad a walkthrough (e.g. Munguia), and for others, some users were kind enough to make their own and share it publicly. But sadly, not every game has a walkthrough, and often I have been required to make one myself. In this post, I have compiled all the answer keys I have made and saved, as well as added links to each game and some clues to the secret medals that are on unlocked for progression. As I complete more, I will add to this list. I hope someone uses these and finds them helpful!

Started in April 2020. Last addition:31 January 2021

Games(of which there are twenty-four):

2011-A Quiz in Review

Ultra Trivia

NG BBS Quiz 2013

Hardest Pokemon quiz ever

Famous Paintings Parodies 11

Album Cover Parodies 2

Dirty Duty

Full Metal Mom Part Deux

Dot Lock

Push Smiley Ball

Gravity Thruster

Incident PD2017

Ice Boy


Leave Me A Clone

Rancho Ranch

An Amazing Soul

The Floorsland Origins, The Floorsland Reborn

Hard Ball

Clumslime and the Flagpole

A Viking's Tale

My Friend Pedro

Pongoal Blitz

Optimal Route


Walkthroughs/Answer Keys

2011-A Quiz in Review


1st flag (Estonia)

Hosni Mubarak

Raised oil prices


No-fly zone over Lybia

Catherine Middleton

Laurent Gbagbo

Death of Osama Bin Laden

4th flag (Portugal)


To get treatment

Artificial organ transplant

Conclusion of shuttle program



Border dispute


7 billion people


3rd flag (Greece)

Virgin Money

North Korea


Secret medals: Look at credits; score zero

Ultra Trivia

Capcom Trivia

1. 1983

2. 1991

3. PlayStation 2

4. Dr. Wily

5. Keiji Inafune

6. Shinji Mikami

7. 2000

8. 2001

9. Ayako Mori

10. Nick Ramos

11. Zero

12. 2006

13. 2005

14. Super Nintendo

15. 1993

16. Arthur

17. Game Boy

18. VFX Powers

19. Hideaki Itsuno

20. 1995





SquareSoft Trivia

1. 1978

2. 2003

3. The Death Trap

4. Thexder

5. 1987

6. 1993

7. 1995

8. Kazuhiko Aok

9. Nobuo Uematsu

10. Valendia

11. 1996

12. Hironobu Sakaguchi

13. Shinji Hashmoto

14. Playstation 2

15. Sphere Grid





SNK Trivia

1. 1978

2. Eikichi Kawasaki

3. Shooter

4. Shin Nihon Kikaku

5. Rambo

6. 1985

7. NES

8. 1990

9. Arcades

10. 1991

11. Neo Geo

12. Platformer

13. 1994

14. Dog Tag

15. Street Fighter 2

16. Sengoku

17. General Morden

18. 1999

19. 2001

20. Playmore

Secret medals: finish a quiz by only clicking the top-right, top-left, bottom-right, and bottom-left options

NG BBS Quiz 2013

1. Saqwert

2. Provoke

3. Handsomecat

4. Gamejunkie

5. Scte3

6. Dean

7. Liquidfire

8. Gimmick

9. Princessluna

10. Yurgenburgen

11. xaotik

12. havegum

13. timmy

14. zeroasalimit

15. gagsy

16. daethdrain

17. klik

18. dry-ice

19. post music, rate the one above!

20. otto

21. Emma and nightowl

22. mamatequilla

23. uvsoaked

24. fairsquare

25. knuckstrike

26. the-great-one

27. Asandir

28. devourerjay

29. deckheadtottie

30. illicit

31. xenomit

32. zj

33. kanef

34. scary

35. ragnarokia

36. doberman

37. mandog

38. tarah

39. addict

40. yert

41. damien

42. austerity

43. tehslaphappy

44. all-american-badass

45. goryblizzard

46. mr-shark

47. drclay

48. thedark

49. amaranthus and cyberdevil

50. tomfulp

Secret medals: A ton, I may add to this later

Hardest Pokemon quiz ever

1.Pokemon Sun&Moon X

2.Bulbasaur X

3.Pokemon Red&Green X

4.Mew X

5.Three X

6.Ketchum X

7.Charizard X

8.Black&White X

9.Crystal X

10.level 10 X

11.Game Freak X

12.blue and white X

13.Cynthia X

14.fuchsia&Celadon X

15.mt silver X

16.thirty X

17.tyrogue X

18.Rayquaza X

19.ds X

20.blastoise X

21.giovanni X

22.20 X

23 Rhydon (X)

24.green X

25.eight X

26.groudon X

27.lake of rage X

28.all of the above X

29.celebi X

30.pikachu X

Secret Medals: read info page; choose ketchup on question 6

Famous Paintings Parodies 11

correct example incorrect (for zero medal)

1. c         a

2. a         b

3. b         c

4. c         a

5. a         b

6. b         c

7. b         a

8. c         b

9. b         c

10.a       c

11.a         b

12.b         a

13.a         b

14.b         c

15.c         a

16.c         b

17.b         c

18.a         c

19.c         b

20.b         c

21.b         a

22.a         b

23.c         b

24.a         b

25.b         a

26.a         c

27.c         a

28.c         b

29.b         c

30.a         c

31.b         a

32.c         a

33.c         a

Album Cover Parodies 2













bottom left












top right












bottom left

Dirty Duty

[owner looks here] [shit here]

Monday: Plants                 closet             

Tuesday: Rug                   plants

Wednesday: Refrigerator      rug

Thursday: sofa; television     trash

Friday: X                      sofa

Saturday: X                    radio

Sunday: X                      tv

Monday: Trash; Plants         fridge

Tuesday: rug                   plants

Wednesday: trash, closet      rug

Thursday: tv; Radio !sofa?  trash

Friday: sofa;                 closet

Saturday: sofa; tv; fridge   radio

Sunday: sofa; tv; fridge    plants

Full Metal Mom Part Deux

Premise: You are a badass woman fighting some shitbag robot cops with some guns. Try to rescue some kids!


blue guy: 2 health, shoots infrequently

red guy: 3 health, triple shot

green guy: 4 or 5 health (just spam click), grabs you if you don't dodge past him


shotgun: deals 3 (I think) damage to all enemies within a certain distance

semiautomatic: shoots five rounds in quick succession

grenade: throw with w

pts: 1000 pts added uselessly to your score. You could farm for these on level 1, though it'd be better to just take longer level 3 than usual if you want points.


Level One: easy

Shoot the blue people. Roll to avoid bullets, though you might not ever need to do so.

boss: bastard in a tank moves back and forth while shooting with bursts of bullets. You should use basically the same strategy as previous gameplay, though sometimes you don't need to even roll past the bullet stream.

Level Two:

the red guys are a bit harder, so try to get them first. don't forget about the blue guys in the background unless you want to be rolling for a while, though.

boss: roll to the right, then just kill it. it won't hit you


try to kill the green guys first this time

boss: there is no boss, to go on to the next level you need to free each cell full of children by shooting the red locks.

you can either grind for points, or try to end as soon as possible. choose a style


form 1:

there are two attacks, spraying bullets and shooting electricity or something. just attack from the middle until he attacks you. If the electricity, dodge once or twice to make to the side away from where the electricity starts. If he uses the spray attack, just continuously dodge until there are no bullets about to hit you.

form 2:

There are three attacks. one throws fireballs in seemingly random locations. avoid being pinned to a wall, and you should be fine. another throws shit in three out of four possible spots. stay near the center and wait until you know which one is clear until you dodge to it.

The third one is a white shot that can easily be dodged. make sure to take as many potshots as possible during this time


can be very hectic by the end; dodge until you don't need to, then shoot

finish it by shooting enough cops.

To get the "Mother of Gun" achievement it seems you need to complete the game only using the base weapon

the game breaks when playing again after beating it, so if you missed the last achievement, reload

Dot Lock

I have a screenshot for three star solutions for every level.

Here are solutions for every level:


Push Smiley Ball

I have a screenshot for three star solutions for every level.

Here are solutions for every level:


Gravity Thruster

@blyndid the maximum score on level 14 is 1660, but it unlocked at 1640 for some reason.

I'm not sure what is required for level 20. I got 2514 and the medal unlocked. The theoretical maximum is 2534, and that's pretty damn close.

I made a whole document detailing every little thing about this game with the absolute maximum and the maximum I know how to achieve. In a very pleasant turn of event, all of the several hours of work I spent on it were immediately made worthless as the document inexplicably deleted itself. I'm definitely ok :}

but, since I already spent all that time, I might as well share what I remember.

First, the maximum score I thought I could get was about 24200 or so, which fits very nicely with the scores of Fooliolo and PhantasyReal. The absolute maximum number of point was about 25500, meaning the score of Fuckoffasshole and waccho are not impossible, but would require quite a few elaborate methods to find extra points, completed after earning all medals. This is stupid, since in 2017 fuckoffasshole was earning 10000 points a week, and probably would not have enough time to spend on this. Likewise, waccho has been earning even more than that, and back in march was earning maybe 20000 a week. It's possible these scores are legitimate, but given both their histories, I doubt it.

Secondly, I'd like to explain how to earn scores that are higher than appear to be possible. But before that, I will explain how the scoring system works in this game. There are several ways to earn points in this game. You can: shoot boxes, break boxes, shoot turrets, break turrets, bring orbs to plinths, finish levels, and finish levels with a greater than zero amount of health left. Every box gives 2 points per hit, with the smallest boxes taking 3 hits, medium boxes taking 6 hits, and, inexplicably, large boxes taking 9 hits. (I say inexplicably because the largest boxes are obviously four times as large as the smallest ones.) After a box is destroyed, the player earns an additional ten points. This means small boxes give a total of 16pts, mediums ones give 22pts, and large ones give 28pts. The second method of earning points is to shoot turrets. I will come back to this later as it is the most complicated. The third method is to return orbs to plinths, which will earn you exactly 100 points per orb. The simplest is the fourth, which will give you 250 points immediately upon completing a level. Then, after the level is over, the fifth method will give you however many health points you have left, with a maximum of 100.

Okay, now back to the most complicated method. Each time you shoot a turret, you will earn 10 points. Once you kill the turret, it will give you an additional 25 points. Since always turrets take four hits, they must always give you exactly 65 points, right? Unfortunately this is wrong. When I said the method was "shooting" turrets, I was being deceptive. You can actually kill turrets multiple ways and get more points! The first and usually easiest way is the smash the turret with an orb. While being touched by an orb, the turret will constantly take damage. If the turret is o n l y hit by the orb, you will earn 85 points, 20 more than normal. If you shoot the turret once before killing it with the orb, you will earn 80. As far as I've tested, this pattern continues. You can also kill orbs with boxes, though the box needs to have enough momentum. These aren't really as useful, as not all levels have boxes in opportune positions, but it is especially useful on level twenty and one other I can't remember off the top of my head. Anyway, it's possible to partly damage a turret with a box and get part of the extra points. I think it might also be possible to glitch your way into extra extra points with these, which hopefully explains a few discrepancies between the possible scores and my actual scores on a few levels. Though, I suppose that doesn't matter since I no longer have any of those scores. :} In that case, I'll just lie to you and say I did everything perfectly and there were zero discrepancies.

To summarize, a score consists of small boxes(s), medium boxes(m), large boxes(l), orbs(o), turrets possible to kill with orbs/boxes(T), turrets that might be possible to kill with orbs/boxes(tT), turrets that can't be killed with orbs/boxes due to their complete absence(t), points for completing a level, and health points left over. In my document, I wrote out equations for every level in the form of 16*s + 22*m + 28*l + 100*o + 85*T + 65(85)*Tt + 65*t + 250 + 100 = total[best real score](if tT = T). But you'll never get to see that, will you? :}

Okay, now, for the third part, I will explain how to earn perfect scores on levels five, fourteen, and twenty(the ones with medals).

First, five:

*go down to the bottom left and pick up an orb

*bring the orb back to the top of the level

*let go of the orb, fly up, and try to pick up the orb with the largest distance between the two of you as reasonably possible

*move to the left again and carefully lower the orb beneath the overhang

*move to the right, kill the turret with the orb, then drop it.

*grab the orb again, and repeat on right side

*destroy all boxes, using tip[1] if necessary

*bring the orbs to their plinths

*finish without having lost any health

These steps should help you get above 1000 points. A perfect run is 1033.

Secondly, level fourteen:

*hover over the orb nearest which you start

*grab it with a fairly large distance from you

*move it to the right, drop down, move it back to the left, and let go of the orb. Try to hit all the turrets on the left side, else you should restart

*grab the orb in the center

*perform tip[2] with a decent distance between the orb and you.

*attempt to bring the orb upwards with out dropping it

*once you hit the ceiling, move to the right, weaving so as to not be hit by the turret fire

*kill both turrets. if you miss the lower one, perform tip[2] and try again.

*perform tip[2] and bring the orb down and to the right

*attempt to kill the higher turret

*once done, swing the orb to the right and try to land it on the last turret.

*even if you hit it once, you may need to hit it again. you should have plenty of orbs, though

*place all orbs in their plinths, using tip[2] or tip[3] when necessary

*finish without having lost any health

This should help you get a high enough score. A perfect run is 1660.

Finally, level twenty:

*start, pause for the first bullets to pass you, move toward the top-left exit, wait for one shot to miss you, leave

*push the two small boxes onto the turrets

*leave and go to the right, killing the top hanging turret

*break the boxes on the right and grab an orb

*drop the orb on the downward curved ledge. this should kill three enemies

*grab another orb

*use your momentum to throw the orb to the right wall and try to the last one

*grab another orb and bring it to the first gap from the right.

*shoot it to drop it down there and hit the turret on the right wall

*if you miss, try again. after, throw another few down and try to hit the turret hanging in the enclosure below

*go down below and shoot one of the orbs until it hits and kills the turret down below.

*bring one of the orbs back to the left, and do tip[2]

*hit the two remaining turrets. do tip[2] again if you missed the lower one

*carefully bring the orbs into the correct gaps above

*finish the level

That should be it for the last level. I don't know how to kill the last turret, nor how to kill any of the other turrets with orbs. The perfect run is 2409.

Update!: I have a new plan! and it involves the same manuever as in level five. I knew that would come in handy!

*To start, you have to avoid killing the top-left turret with bullets

*To get the two turrets in the furthest right gap you must drop the orb down the whole, and then grab in through the ground.

*Kill the higher turret, then drop the orb and kill the lower

*To get the previously-impossible turret, do the same thing on the left-most side

*Bring one of the orbs over to the right and try tip[2] or tip[3] to get the orb above you

*Kill the top-left turret with the orb balanced on your head

These strategies together make the level a little more difficult but can net you an additional 105 points for a total of 2514.

Okay, now before I finish, here's a few more things. The maneuver used in level five can also be used to get good scores in other levels. I've spent too much time on this, and I have no idea if anyone will read this anyway. "Thruster" is absolutely a word, but my spellcheck is bad and doesn't think that's the case.

As always with my guides, if the person reading this has any questions about any specific level, I am perfectly willing to answer them. Just leave a comment on my newspost or send me a private message.

tip[1]: grab an orb, and then balance on it to shoot, ideally, boxes.

tip[2]: place an orb on an edge, get beneath it, grab it, and carefully push it off the ledge. hopefully it shouldn't be too hard to balance the orb above you.

tip[3]: when there are plinths that are hanging down, you can either use tip[2] or do this:

grab an orb while very close to it. approach the plinth and spin the orb around. if you time it correctly, the orb will be close to the hanging plinth, and you may let go

Oh, and for an actual review, uh, games pretty good I guess¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Incident PD2017

Pretty easy game. To get "YOLO" jump into the angry faic backwards


You can glitch through walls without much difficulty. Do that on this level and get above the flag to find the first secret area.


Well, I got to 2:49 eventually. Not sure if I can shave off another five seconds, though. I feel like I must be doing one of the levels with an imperfect strategy.

Turns out I was doing levels eleven and sixteen wrong. I got back four seconds from sixteen and one from eleven.

For those trying to get the medal, here are the times I earned on each level:

1: 2s;

hold right

2: 3s;

hold right

3: 3s;

falter slightly before moving right

4: 4s;

remember to grab the yellow shroom go right once you can

5: 6s;

6: 5s;

ignore shrooms

7: 9s;

8: 7s;

don't wait for the spider after getting the fireshroom

9: 10s;

10: 12;

11: 4s;

right, up, r, u, r, down, r, u, left, d, l, u, l, d

12: 5s;

r, d, r, u, r, d. get ice shroom, make one ice block to the left, get blue shroom

13: 8s;

reminder, ice balls go thru spikes

14: 9s;

15: 6s;

r, u, r, d, r, d, r.

16: 4s;

l, r, d, r, u, r, u, l, r.

r, d, r, d, l, u, l, r

not sure which is faster

17: 11s;

18: 18s;

19: 1s;

hold left until right

20: 22s

I keep thinking that there must be a faster way that skips a walk cycle, but I haven't found one.

Aha! go to the left through the portal, then to the right to get the key, then back through the portal, then to the right. you can skip one walk cycle. thank you HerbieG! this was a good challenge

In game total: 2:38(164s)

My sum: 2:29(149s) I guess it rounds down

Leave Me A Clone

Purple boxes are where you should leave a clone. Red numbers are the order in which you should leave them. Red and blue paths are also numbered. Some levels I took a screenshot of after finishing, but I drew the strategy for others.

here are the solutions for every level:


edit: I just realised there already is a guide made by the author. whoops. I assumed there wasn't since only 20 people had finished it.

Rancho Ranch

Each section represents one button. The numbers are the order. eg. 1,5 | 3 | 4 | 2 would be left, right, right mid, left mid, left. or, if vertical. top left, bottom right, top right, bottom left, top left

16: 8,4,5 | 2 | 1,3,6,7 |

17: 1,3 | | 2,4,5 |

18: 3,6,7 | 1,4 | | 2,5,8

19: 1 | 4,6,7,10 | 2,3,5 | 8,9

20: 2,5,7 | | 1 | 3,4,6

36: 2,3,5,8,9 | 1,4,6,7,10,11,12

37: | 2,5 | 1,6,7 | 3,4

38: 9 | 2,4,6 | 3,7,8 | 1,5

39: 2 | 6,8 | 1,3,9 | 4,5,7

40: | 1,3,4,11,12,13 | 5,6,9,15,16 | 2,7,8,10,14

These are the toughest puzzles by far, so if you need any help with the others, I can provide more answers with relative ease.

An Amazing Soul

Below are all the choices you must make to find each object.

If you're looking for a puzzle, try to figure out what my punctuation signifies!

1: Comprehend!

2: Comprehend!

3: Comprehend?

Sword get!

1: Comprehend!

2: Comprehend!

3: Transcend.

4: Comprehend?

Arm get!

1: Comprehend!

2: Comprehend!

3: Transcend.

4: Transcend.

5: Comprehend?

6: Transcend!

7: Comprehend!

Gem get!

1: Comprehend!

2: Comprehend!

3: Transcend.

4: Transcend.

5: Transcend.

6. Comprehend?

7. Comprehend?

8. Transcend!

Loop get!

1: Comprehend!

2: Comprehend!

3: Transcend.

4: Transcend.

5: Transcend.

6. Transcend?

7 !


Claws get!

1: Comprehend!

2: Comprehend!

3: Transcend.

4: Transcend.

5: Transcend.

6. Comprehend.

7. Transcend.

8. Comprehend!

9. Transcend!

10. Comprehend!

11. Comprehend!

12. Comprehend?

Hammer get!

1: Comprehend!

2: Comprehend!

3: Transcend.

4: Transcend.

5: Transcend.

6. Comprehend?

7. Transcend.

8. Comprehend!

9. Transcend!

10. Comprehend!

11. Comprehend!

12. Transcend?

Game end!

The Floorsland Origins, The Floorsland Reborn

first game:

finish with four lives and two health left. You start with fifteen, so get hit by a spike 13 times.

The secret box is hidden to the left of the scoreboard.

the other secret medals are for completely the levels perfectly

second game:

Intruder:(4-4) wall jump up the protector gate to avoid opening it. you might have to collect all the money

Mistaken leverage:(3-3) wall jump of the gates. make sure to lose the enemy chasing before you jump up the gate

Skips Gone Wrong:(3-2) wall jump up the gate and climb back up to the upper left

Solid Earth:(4-1) find it on four-one

Stale Dynamite:(3-2) run and jump over the portal fall onto the rock

Up and Over the Gate:(4-3) wall jump over the fence

Minor Setback:(3-3) die early so you have plenty of time

For the perfectionist medals, save after each perfected level. remember that you can't die or lose any health. on the first level, run and jump above the first portal and wall jump to get additional money

Rushmore: save before starting the time trial. it shouldn't be too hard if you ignore the enemies.

Hard Ball

The invisible path is on level eight?. Jump to the left.

The other medal you get for jumping into the ostensibly unreachable alcove on one of the levels.(seven?) spend the 200 on speed, jump past the place where the wall appears. you need to wait a very specific period of time before jumping over, so try it bunch underguessing the amount of time.

It doesn't really matter what order you get the upgrades. For the last level, after flipping the switch, jump off the edge to respawn above the portal.

Clumslime and the Flagpole

what an unfortunately named game...

The coin is on level 1-3. you have to be careful not to knock over the boxes so that you can use them to jump up to the ledge above.

The emerald is on 2-3. Just climb your way to the top.

The diamond is on 3-1. This one is annoying, so I'm glad its worth 100 points. you can skip making a staircase out of blocks by jumping to right and back, but aside from that, it's just annoying.

The ruby is on 3-3. Jump to the edge of the first mushroom to get on. jump onto the right support of the second platform and jump to the left to get the magic mushroom. the rest is obvious, but a bit difficult

To get the golden chalice, move the platform to the left, bump the block with your head, and run to the leftmost part of the platform to get shot upwards. You can drop down to the silver. The bronze you can get by jumping on the helpful weight's head.

A Viking's Tale

A video guide minus medals:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qT6oVALUCKY (not by me)

Here is each special medal, hopefully in the correct order:

Visit Rikvi with the warrior rune

Visit the collecter after getting the money from Rikvi

After getting the amulet from Baldur, visit the Heimdallr

after finding the eye of asgard coin, visit Halvor 

After getting the steel from the red chest, visit niflheim,

Go into the cave with the red and orange chests after getting money from the green chest

Go to midgard after getting the compass

Go to Midgard after getting the hammer

Go to Alfheim after receiveing the fire amulet

After getting the orange key, go to Nidavellir

Visit the seer in midgard after gettin the ice crystal (learn for the second time that you'll bring Ragnarok)

My Friend Pedro

These medals can be intimidating if you don't know the best places to get them.

Death from above: can be gotten at the end of level five. Get a full clip or whatever of the rifle, roll beneath the thing, jump and hold shift, and scatter your shots. Might take a few attempts

Wall jumping hotshot: probably can also be gotten at the end of level five. I did it on level four, killing the three guys on the right. I needed to jump off the wall with the first gangster on the right.

Pongoal Blitz

My strategy was to send my players into attack formation. That is, I would click the right button until they were furthest to the right. Then I would try to send as many fiery balls as possible, avoiding letting in any goals myself.

Slice and Dice: Destroy one of the tall green guys. When you hit it with a fire ball it shrinks into a smaller version. Attack it until it explodes.

I don't know how to get the medal "Oscar". It might be a random event, or it might have to do with what you do in game. The people who have unlocked don't have remarkable scores according to the leaderboard, so I'm guessing it's in someway random.

Optimal Route

Below is a zipped file with screenshots for all levels.



Neonspider's right about the freezing. Fortunately, the achievements are all still obtainable if you avoid bouncing too much at the end.

This is the general strategy I used:

get through the first few nets until one is close to either side, then go through that hoop and bounce off the wall at the bottom to get enough height to get to the next hoop. Hopefully either the hoop is near one side or the next-next hoop is low enough down to just bounce to it normally. After you get a combo of three, a trampoline appears which will always give you enough height when you bounce on it. To maintain your combo, if the trampoline isn't close the hoop, bounce on its rim until the trampoline comes closer.

high combos will naturally lead to high scores, which makes score based ones easy. 

To get the high flyer medal, get the trampoline, then bounce up and move left and right to gain height.

To get the 3-pointers medal, shoot a few hoops until an easy one appears, wait for 10 seconds to be left, then go thru the easy basket and get four more as they come down.



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You nasty: On question 21 click the answer Cherries

Thank you!

Thanks for the Kolobok guide. I'll leave you a riddle to solve though: it is possible to finish level 20 in just 23 seconds.

I'm glad you could have a use for it. Thanks for the riddle, I always appreciate challenges!

@HerbieG I found the trick! Honestly, I'm surprised I didn't find it when I was playing before. Even more so that I could still get the medal with a 5 second handicap, lol. My final time was 2:38 (I managed beat the last one in 22 seconds and lost a second on a different level unexpectedly)